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Future Leaders Programme

The Future Leaders programme is for individuals who have supervisory responsibilities but no formal leadership training, and are serious about developing their abilities. The programme particularly supports practising team-leaders seeking to move up to the next level and those who need to lead people through change or other organisational pressures.


The aim of this workshop is to 

  • deliver a range of key leadership skills and facilitate putting them into practice in an individual’s own role 
  • build an individual’s leadership capabilities to motivate and engage teams and to manage relationships confidently 
  • learn the tools and techniques for individuals to develop their own skills and abilities.

Methodology & Training Approach

The delivery of the programmes is predominantly face-to-face workshops, supported by some self-directed distance learning.

The programmes employ a blend of teaching, facilitation, coaching and action-learning techniques to make full use of individuals’ preferred learning styles. Our collaborative approach facilitates an active-stance, with individuals taking responsibility and ownership for personal change.


Bespoke and subject to the specific needs of the client and level of the delegates, but ideally six days delivered in two-day workshops approximately six weeks apart. We’re happy to discuss your needs and work together to determine an optimum level of support.

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