Phil delivered a presentation that held the audience enraptured. His points were delivered in a way that made them meaningful, delivering the message with an audio visual display that was at times amusing, at others fascinating and thought-provoking. His personality and message is guaranteed to leave any delegate thinking long and hard about what they had seen and heard. A first class speaker and a first class message, delivered in a slick, professional package. I would have no qualms about fully recommending Phil to get the message across.

Drew McAdam
World leading Mentalist

DWOP (Drill the Well On Paper) and the two day CWOP (Complete the Well On Paper) by Phil Smith, were received as eye openers.

From the very first second till the last, the participants clinged to every word said by Phil. His excellent presentation skills, combined with the very interesting subject of Human Factors, made this to a great learning experience, longing for more. The ONE/Paragon organizations will certainly benefit from sessions like these; it is clear that Human Factors training will help to raise the bar in our relentless pursuit of incident and accident prevention.

I hope that we will see Phil again in 2017 to expose more staff to the HF training, available through Phil.

Oranje Nassau Energie B.V. Joan Horbeek
Drilling Manager
Oranje Nassau Energie B.V.

Safety on the rigs is all about people and leadership. Awareness and recognition of the basics of “Human Factors in HSE” is essential for leaders at all levels and the workers. Creating this awareness on and around our rigs was a major contributing factor to our successful Incidents Free campaign which resulted in not only a step change in HSE performance but hand in hand also a top quartile well delivery performance.

Maersk Oil Qatar Hans Flikkema
Drilling Manager
Maersk Oil Qatar

CTP delivered Human Factors (HF) training to a large cohort of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Search officers and SNCOs, the majority of whom are destined for operations in the near future. A thoroughly professional approach combined with a relaxed, innovative and witty demeanour enabled CTP to win over even the most sceptical; the value of their training in the safety critical sphere of EOD & Search soon became apparent to all ranks. There is no doubt that CTP’s experience, knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm is inspirational and contributed to the success of the classroom course. Equally important though was their HF input into scenario-based exercises in the field and their analysis for use in after action reviews. In summary, it was extremely valuable training delivered in a highly effective manner.

Comd 29 EOD and Search Gp

Well received and prompted lively debate. Instructor has a good rapport and credibility with a military audience. Thought provoking.’

‘Very useful course…’

‘Very good. Beneficial in all areas, good tool for all commanders…’

‘Should be taught at entry level and on leadership courses…’

High Threat Explosives Ordnance Disposal Instructors

CTP has a unique mix of professional experience that adds a kaleidoscope of colour to any training they provide, a real pleasure to work with. You do not fully appreciate the tangible benefits of Human Factors Training until you have had your weaknesses exposed by having some. We are in a business where mistakes mean lives are at risk; CTP training for all of our team has produced tangible benefits for both staff and patients whilst greatly reducing risk.

First Response Scott Bateman MBE
Director of Operations
First Response

Key Note Speaker Phil Smith from Critical Team Performance was the first to present and set the high standard for the day with an entertaining, expert and knowledgeable presentation on Human Factors. His passion and motivation was clear and his delivery exceptionally engaging. As other presentations and case studies evolved there was a natural progression to include Phil in the discussion and he was able to provide clear input into how human factors may have evolved and impacted on results. It is to his credit that a large group of clinicians from student Paramedics and Doctors to Senior HEMS Consultants and Paramedics were happy to listen and digest his teaching and actively question him for further clarification if need arose. Both myself and the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust Clinical Manager, Stuart Elms felt that Phil’s input on the day provided a stimulating and inspirational input, I can’t recommend Phil and Critical Team Performance enough to anyone needing expert help, advice or teaching in Human Factors - we look forward to working with Phil in the future.

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust Jane Gurney
Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust

The course was fantastic. Phil is exceptional, he has a real talent to be able to hold the audience for 2 days single handed and keep the interest level up. I have had some great verbal and e mail feedback already. We started today in my department by changing our practice running our intrathecal line lists, we are developing a check list and having briefings and debriefings!!!

I only hope I can use the small influence I have to get the trust to see that this should be mandatory training for all.

Dr Denise Tritton
SAS Tutor, Associate Specialist in Paediatric Oncology/Haematology

It has been a pleasure to work with Phil over the past year; we have already begun to implement some of Phil’s ideas and suggestions and we are confident that they will improve patient safety within healthcare throughout the North East. Phil is a motivational speaker in Human Factors training which has inspired the staff within in the North East to drive forward the initiatives at an operational level.

Some of the feedback we have received from staff:

“explained lessons learnt from the air industry how human factors play such a large part in healthcare incidents”

“clear, factual analysis”


“witty and informative”

“I feel empowered to use my new found skills with confidence”

“inspirational speaker”

Yvonne Evans
Acting Strategic Head of Patient Safety
North East Strategic Health Authority

Phil is a professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic facilitator. He brings a tremendous vibrancy with him when he comes to Lisbon to train the Pilots, Cabin Crew and other staff at Netjets Europe in the hugely important (and mandated) subject of Crew Resource Management. As Chief Ground Instructor it is my responsibility to ensure that Netjets Europe staffs receive the best possible training of the highest quality – Phil certainly fits this bill and I would highly recommend him to any organisation

Glyn Chadwick
Chief Ground Instructor
Netjets Europe

A key part of providing engineering services to the critical environment market is the reliance on people to ensure service is delivered. We recognised that people are not perfect. Far from it in fact! Even the most experienced engineering operatives make mistakes. We were finding that the majority of plant incidents at our critical facilities could be linked to human error. By engaging Critical Team Performance we were able to raise the awareness of our engineers to the role they play in ensuring our customers receive a good service with maximum plant uptime.

Phil is passionate about the subject matter he teaches. All staff found the training informative and enlightening. The course really gets all members of the team thinking and I have no doubt that it will go a long way to helping reduce human errors in our field of engineering.

GSH Group Andy Fletcher
Senior Manager
GSH Group

I have attended many training courses in my career aimed at personal and team development though none have come close to holding and maintaining my attention nearly as much as the Critical Team Performance Programme did.

Savills Private Finance

This was the first time we had introduced Human Factors training for the Team in our real time operations monitoring centre. The one-day training was very useful and gave the Team an excellent insight into team dynamics and how critical decisions are made. Phil’s style is entertaining and engaging and the feedback from the team was very positive.

Integrated Collaborative Environment (ICE) Manager, Well Engineering

Very good programme, flexible to include with other course objectives like Well Control. Appropriate and directly applicable.

Head of Well Drilling, Well Engineering

Thanks for the presentations this week. It was very well laid out for the local guys to understand. Lots of positive feedback. I believe that the crews have taken this training in very well. As supervisors, we will encourage everyone to do their checklist prior to doing job task, be aware of their surroundings at all times, and encourage everyone to do a debrief after each tour. By doing this, I believe we will become a more efficient team in regards to safety and productivity. Again we appreciate your time.

Offshore Installation Manager, Well Engineering

The crews and myself enjoyed your presentations on checklists, situational awareness and briefing/debriefing.All subjects we can and will use in our day-to-day work, and I am sure we can do a better job now with the tools you demonstrated.It is now up to us, the supervisors, to implement the tools and keep the momentum going.

Drilling Supervisor, Well Engineering

The sessions were well received by the crews who attended them for the first time. The time you took to discuss well control incidents and the “human factors” behind decision-making processes was certainly appreciated. A lot of lessons learned.

Drilling Supervisor, Well Engineering

I thought they (the presentations) were very worthwhile I learned a few things that’s for sure.

Offshore Installation Manager, Well Engineering

Participants attending the QGC programme described the course as ‘excellent’, well explained and clear to understand. Contractors praised the company for its engaging, ‘life trained’ presenters, interactive presentations and prime examples that relate to everyday life. Initial feedback directly from individuals concerned suggests contractors will: ‘stop assuming the job will be without problems’, ‘start focusing on the surroundings of the job rather than just the job itself’, ‘start with more feedback from others and stop making assumptions’, ‘stop running at a sub-conscious level when performing critical tasks’, ‘beware of complacency and repetition’, ‘stop taking for granted that people understand the procedures’ and will ‘ask more questions if unsure’.

QGC - Participants' Feedback

Phil is an excellent teacher and he made the 2-day course very, very interesting and stimulating. I have no words to describe how much Phil has made us aware of the importance of Human Factors

Dr Sumita Nayak
Wexham Park Hospital