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Phil Smith joins the Subject Matter Expert panel

Phil Smith joins the Subject Matter Expert panel

We're pleased to announce that Phil Smith, the Managing Director of Critical Team Performance, has joined as a subject matter expert. 

The oil and gas industry has always shared technical know-how for the betterment of the industry as a whole. This relates to technology and innovation, as well as best practices in management and training. It happens company to company, and continent to continent.

 Dave Taylor of Relentless Pursuit of Perfection (rp2) had this to say:

Phil has joined our drillers expert panel as the Human Factors and Critical Performance Expert. We only allow one person and/or company onto our team for each specialist discipline. We're delighted that Phil has agreed to assist, as there are few people in the world that understand these topics as well.

Here is Phil's profile page on

Phil joining doesn't affect any ongoing contracts and commitments here at CTP. He'll make himself available for ad-hoc consultation, special projects and similar short-term roles where needed. 

Other subject matter experts over at include  Steve Devereux Steve Hauxwell, Lenin Diaz, and  Eric Roth. was created in 1996 and has helped countless oil and gas personnel over the past 22 years. Historically, the website was known for oil and gas jobs (the first O+G jobs site in the world), technical resources (eg Mathcad drilling calculations), and other support (eg Q&A, instructional articles).

The group has now started to expand its original set of resources, to move into new areas of oil services and support. For example, due to the strong team of experts, partners and associates, the team at is able to handle well management, legal and arbitration, and is building an ad-hoc skills pool.

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