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Human Factors sessions with Oranje Nassau Energie B.V.

Some great sessions with ONE / Paragon Mangement and Crews in Amsterdam in Aug 16 introducing and discussing Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM).  Over 100 staff involved over the 4 days and the feedback was fantastic, summed up very nicely by Joan Horbeek, Drilling Manager, ONE:

''The introductions to Human Factors presented to the participants of the 2 day DWOP (Drill the Well On Paper) and the two day CWOP (Complete the Well On Paper) by Phil Smith, were received as eye openers.

From the very first second till the last, the participants clinged to every word said by Phil. His excellent presentation skills, combined with the very interesting subject of Human Factors, made this to a great learning experience, longing for more. The ONE/Paragon organizations will certainly benefit from sessions like these; it is clear that Human Factors training will help to raise the bar in our relentless pursuit of incident and accident prevention.

I hope that we will see Phil again in 2017, once we have digested our learnings from recent Spade Adam sessions and are ready to expose more staff to the HF training, available through Phil Smith.''

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