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CTP team up with RIGS and rp-squared for a series of informative white papers.

CTP team up with RIGS and rp-squared for a series of informative white papers.

Phil Smith has teamed up with Eric Roth of Rig Integrity Global Services (RIGS), and Dave Taylor of Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd. (rp²) to publish the first in a series of white papers. The topics covered include the influence of human factors on safety and operational integrity on oil rigs.

The first has been published today on multiple highly respected industry websites such as and Oilvoice.

Here’s a link to the version: 

How the Improvement of Operational Integrity, Safety, and Human Factors Equals Excellence in Performance

Co-written by Phil and Eric, this paper covers topics such as:

  • The evolution of ideas and practices relating to human performance
  • Behavioural based safety (BBS) programmes
  • Best practice assimilation from parallel industries

Action steps are laid out for the reader. The importance of situational awareness is underlined. The efficient convergence of communication, teamwork, and a level of leadership that facilitates optimal decision making.

Phil & CTP are in discussions with Dave & Eric for further collaboration opportunities. Through the established training processes and networks of CTP, RIGS and rp², synergies have been identified.

All parties agree that there will be extra value to be offered to existing clients through the additional perspectives that can be provided. These three companies work in different areas, but have a strong cross over in practical terms.

Through the ever growing media platform of, the harmonised messages of maximum efficiency, safety and synergy will be bought to new audiences. For long term partners and clients, the latest in best practices and new empirical data will be shared by these industry leaders.

We expect to announce further news of collaboration between CTP, RIGS and Dave Taylor’s group of companies in the coming months.

(For further details and press enquiries, PR on this matter will be handled by Jason Lavis at Out of the Box Innovations.)

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