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Human Factors for Team Performance

In potentially high pressure situations, how can a group of individuals perform outstandingly as a team? What checks and balances are there in place to ensure a satisfactory outcome to specific events? This programme will give new insights into teamwork in critical situations; it will look at factors to consider in high pressure environments, with knowledge and skills taken from psychology, leadership science and critical environments. It seeks to increase organisational effectiveness by getting individuals working together as a high performance team.


The aim of this programme is to raise awareness with delegates of the significance of human factors in leadership and team performance. Specifically, at the end of the programme delegates will be able to:

  • understand the power and benefits of ‘psychological groups’ 
  • consider the actions required to develop individuals into high-performing teams 
  • give effective feedback to improve performance 
  • recognise the symptoms and consider strategies for human performance limitations 
  • brief and debrief to increase group situation awareness and team cohesion 
  • develop problem solving processes and employ skills to improve decision making 
  • have increased self awareness and understanding of own and others’ strengths and weaknesses

Methodology & Training Approach

Through the originality of our thinking and the example we set by our own energy and commitment, this programme aims to inspire and motivate. This is an interactive workshop that adopts a facilitative approach, using a range of exercises and case-studies to ensure that participants fully identify ways to apply the learning and anchor the experience. The delivery aims to supply knowledge, shape attitudes and give tangible skills.


Bespoke; subject to the specific needs of the client and level of the delegates.

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