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Facilitation and Active Reviewing

Any change project is a journey. You might know the destination of your journey but you will need to find your own pathway to success. Critical Team Performance is primed and ready to accompany you and your organisation on that journey, giving you all the support that you need to navigate through uncharted waters. In collaboration, we will co-create a tailor made solution for your change initiative, helping to ensure that important stakeholders will buy in and collaborate.


Reviewing is about learning from experience or enabling others to do so. Reviewing helps you get more from work, life and recreation especially if you have the reviewing skills to match your ambitions.

Methodology & Training Approach

Reviewing is any process that helps you to make use of personal experience for your learning and development.

These reviewing processes can include:

  • reflecting on experience
  • analysing experience
  • making sense of experience
  • communicating experience
  • reframing experience
  • learning from experience


Bespoke: subject to the specific needs of the client. We’re happy to discuss your needs and work together to determine an optimum delivery and level of support.

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