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Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management

Conflict resolution and conflict management have been studied and practised for years. Paradoxically, conflict can be healthy and actually enhance our ability to resolve problems, think creatively, and be innovative. However, inability or refusal to handle or work with conflict typically generates a community where the lack of trust, cooperation, collaboration and communication leads to overall poor performance.


The question is, how do we make sure that we respond in positive, healthy ways to the inevitable conflicts that will arise in our relationships?

Our preference is always to tailor a course to meet your needs. Depending on the needs of a group or individual, areas covered can include:

  • Defining conflict 
  • Getting to the heart of the problem 
  • Understanding self and others-personality and perceptions 
  • Psychometric profiling: MBTI; SDI; FIRO-B
  • Understanding: values, ethics, morals and standards 
  • Dealing with uncomfortable feelings-state management 
  • How do people respond to conflict? Fight or flight? 
  • Using honesty and agreement 
  • Turning arguments into discussions 
  • Defusing blame 
  • Active listening and responding 
  • Organisational culture 
  • Achieving a different outcome 
  • Dealing with strong feelings 
  • Appreciative inquiry & achieving resolution 
  • Transactional analysis-ego states

Methodology & Training Approach

Conflict management is offered as an in-house workshop, as a one-to-one coaching support or as an ongoing facilitative programme.

Our approach usually takes the form of an initial conversation to better understand your requirements; we then facilitate a face to face meeting to establish your specific needs in more detail and agree outcomes with you. For established work groups, the programme adopts an interactive facilitative approach, using a range of exercises and interventions to ensure that participants fully identify ways to apply the learning and anchor the experience. The delivery aims to supply knowledge, shape attitudes and give tangible outcomes.


Bespoke: subject to the specific needs of the client. We’re happy to discuss your needs and work together to determine an optimum level of support.

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