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Coaching can be used to support individuals at any level of an organisation to facilitate ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ performance. Coaching is widely used as a development process and more than 80 per cent of British companies embrace it in some form. This is because coaching works. The 2009 Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) survey confirms that coaching ranks as the most highly-rated development activity in the UK.


We work with individuals to develop their talents by identifying and prioritising their skills needs. The coaching is tailored to meet individual goals and objectives in leadership, handling key business challenges or creating opportunities. Coaching instils a capability to develop and implement innovative strategies with stronger stakeholder engagement and leadership skills.

The content is specifically designed to meet personal and organisational objectives, within your organisation’s culture and values.

Methodology & Training Approach

We offer a non-directive approach to coaching. Our role is to support the agreement of a clear well-formed outcome and then facilitate a focussed confidential discussion, usually resulting in a planned course of action. Our coaches are qualified, have worked in senior positions themselves and have a track record of successful coaching assignments.


Bespoke and subject to the specific needs of the client, our sessions typically last between 90 minutes and two hours. The number of sessions is totally controlled by the needs of the client; some find just two or three sessions effective, whilst others benefit from longer programmes, or dip in and out as required. We’re happy to discuss your needs and work together to determine an optimum level of coaching.

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