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Bespoke Leadership Team Solutions

These programmes develop the effectiveness of leadership teams, covering key management and leadership topics and are designed specifically to meet your organisation’s needs. Consistency and communication across management teams is increased.


Our bespoke leadership development programmes are effective because we work with you to identify and prioritise your organisational needs. The content is specifically designed to meet your objectives. The programme is designed to match and support your culture and values.

Methodology & Training Approach

Underpinning these programmes is the Critical Team Performance (CTP) philosophy. Our design process involves an action research methodology of diagnosis: design, deliver and evaluate. We aim to spend an agreed period of time listening, asking questions and undertaking research and feedback. This is our opportunity to understand your culture and priorities and agree with you the development needed for the ongoing success of your organisation.

Participants are given the freedom to move off topic and add value by discussing live issues and agree practical solutions to current problems. The programme flexes with your organisation. Organisations have to respond to change, if your priorities change so will your programme. We flex as the programme progresses, to ensure we stay aligned with your needs.


Bespoke: subject to the specific needs of the client. We’re happy to discuss your needs and work together to determine an optimum delivery and support.

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