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Action Learning for Teams

The action learning process is a tried and tested method for reflective thinking and problem solving. It enables you and your team to work together on real and pressing challenges in the workplace with immediate results.

Action learning can increase your ability to challenge each other within the safety of a structured process. It is suitable when you want to use development time or away days for complex problem solving, exploring opportunities, service development, peer support, learning from best practice and working more collaboratively.

So what exactly is action learning? Action learning is a process which involves working on real challenges using the knowledge and experience of a small group of people combined with skilled questioning, to re-interpret old and familiar concepts and produce fresh ideas. An action learning set is a group of six to eight people who meet regularly with an action learning facilitator. An action learning set can be in-house with peers from your organisation or a cross-sector set for leaders which brings together staff from different sectors and professional backgrounds.


  • Make your away-days or development time more effective
  • Have the important conversations that really matter 
  • Build relationships and use your time together to focus on the “wicked” issues 
  • Improve feedback skills and honesty in your team

Methodology & Training Approach

Underpinning these programmes is the Critical Team Performance (CTP) philosophy. We will talk with you to decide if our action learning model is the right approach for your team or partnership, or if another model would be more appropriate. If action learning is the best solution we will design an action learning intervention to enable you to work on agreed priorities.

  • The action learning model: 
  • Describing the problem as we see it 
  • Receiving contributions from others in the form of coaching questions 
  • Reflecting on our discussion and deciding what action to take 
  • Reporting back on what happened when we took action 
  • Reflecting on the problem-solving process and how well it is working


Bespoke: subject to the specific needs of the client. We’re happy to discuss your needs and work together to determine an optimum level of support.

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