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Tom Donohoe

Tom Donohoe MCMI MInstRE

Associate MENA

Why are you passionate about excellence?

Achieving excellence pushes your personal boundaries and maintains your professional edge. Anything other than this and you are settling for second best.

Why are you passionate about people development?

Throughout my military career, people have been our greatest asset, key to success. With the right people, motivated n the right direction I have seen great things achieved against significant odds.

Which three words sum up leadership for you?

Integrity, Team, Mission

Who is your Leadership inspiration and why?

Abraham Lincoln. He lead by example and strength of character to inspire those around him to do what was right, regardless of personal consequence.

Tom is a retired Army officer with 17 years service with the Royal Engineers which has seen him serving in a number of theatres and operations. He was selected as exchange officer to the US Army and gained a bronze star and meritorious service medal. He pioneered Human Factors training delivery to the British Army Bomb Disposal teams deployed to Afghanistan. After leaving the Army he worked in the construction industry as operations manager gaining an understanding of financial pressures facing industry.

He has a Masters in Leadership and Management and Diploma in Coaching and is one of the first WOCRM Instructors delivering the program to Oil and Gas off shore.

He joins the team having seen the benefits of CRM delivered to high threat teams and has a passionate believe that the program can help of critical teams achieve success regardless of the pressures they face. His leadership experiences in conflict zones and the Army training environment gives him a practical, straight forward approach to team and leadership development at all levels.

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