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Tim Carr

Tim Carr

CTP Associate

Why are you passionate about excellence?

Sadly, marketing and the media drive for success at all costs means that we now live in a society where we have accepted mediocrity as normal and we need to challenge it. In my 38 years in industry I have become more and more passionate about challenging this status quo and creating environments where excellence becomes the new paradigm and the key is education. I feel privileged to have worked in some of the most prestigious spaces with dynamic and passionate leaders all over the world. Working at a such a level and alongside professionals whose integrity and commitment is second to none is life changing - once you have worked at this level it's impossible to retreat.

Why are you passionate about people development?

My background in delivering complex technical and customer services across multiple sectors and national boundaries has driven me to establish what the factors are the play out in deciding success. I am of the belief that achieving our innate potential is something that we humans need a hand with; although we have amazing hardware (the human body is phenomenal) our’ “software” (mind and thinking ability) needs regular updates! To do this we need to design powerful and impactful workshops and learning events that engage, develop skills, knowledge and drive a deeper understanding of our personal and collaborative impact.

Additionally, having trained in Psychology and Leadership I have come to appreciate that we are often held back by self limiting beliefs, poor communication as well as ineffective relationships and powerful life events that can topple our confidence and capability and which thereby impact on delivery.

Character, Capability, Competence and Creativity all impact on effectiveness, capability and safety. We know through evaluation of data such as root cause analysis that reduction of human error is directly impacted by the development of skills and building much greater self awareness.

As an educator and professional development expert I have come to know that having a new perspective and simply sharing a space with other high achievers who have not only won in life themselves and that have a passion and capability to share their learning and inspire others is infectious. My passion for people development stems from an understanding that when we develop our skills and knowledge (IQ) along with our ability to self reflect (PQ) and form impactful relationships (EQ) we can make phenomenal impact on the space we occupy. 

Which three words sum up leadership for you?

Wisdom - Courage - Compassion

Who is your Leadership inspiration and why?

Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International - his philosophy and dynamic focus on leading all to achieve their potential is based on the premise of respect and dignity for all life

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