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Terry Neild

Terry Neild


Why are you passionate about excellence?

Excellence should not only be aspirational, it has to be inspirational. To inspire people to want to achieve excellence is my motivation to be a coach and trainer.

Why are you passionate about people development?

Developing people is all about helping them realise their true potential. There is no better experience than watching someone realise what potential they have and how far they could go in life if they realised it.

Which three words sum up leadership for you?

Inspiration, Motivation, Aspiration

Who is your Leadership inspiration and why?

Mahatma Ghandi for inspiring a nation to achieve political and social progress through non-violent protest.

Safety is a major focus for me regardless of what area of operation and the human factor issue is key to all aspects.

I have accrued my experiences through 26 years in the RAF firstly working as an air traffic controller dealing with flight safety matters on a day to day basis and then as a qualified leadership instructor at the Royal Air Force College at Cranwell where I trained and mentored well over a thousand cadets during my 3 year tenure. My last employment was as a Regional Training Manager with Bupa Care Services, dealing with Care Quality Commision compliancy for over 2500 Bupa employees. I am currently delivering leadership training to employees of an aluminium smelter in Oman where safety is of the highest priorty. This all combines into making a vastly experienced, safety focussed individual who has worked in what many deem hostile enviroments delivering excellent training to a mutitude of audiences.

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