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Stuart John Farmer

Stuart John Farmer MBE, FInstILM, MCGI


Why are you passionate about excellence?

By striving for excellence myself, I can motivate and inspire others to achieve more than they believed possible – the ordinary to extraordinary.

Why are you passionate about people development?

I get a ‘buzz’ from helping people achieve the Goals they felt were out of reach.

Which three words sum up leadership for you?

Honesty (with yourself and others), Reliability and Drive.

Who is your Leadership inspiration and why?

An Ex-Boss of mine – Pete Brown. I had arrived at my new section, under a bit of a cloud! Pete saw something in me worth developing and gave me extra responsibility and helped me gain promotion. From then on, I have endeavoured to help others achieve their ambitions.

Stuart had a very successful and rewarding career serving almost 37 years in the 

Royal Air Force. A respected and trusted Engineer who served in many differing roles during his career, including: - Aircraft Engineering, Quality Assurance, Recruiting and Training.

Throughout his career as well as his Technical ability, he was known for his ‘people skills’ and his ability recognise issues within his Team and to act quickly to get people ‘back-on-track’. In his early years this was carried out fairly crudely! However, through the Management and Leadership Courses he attended, his approach became more structured.

In 2003/2014 he taught Instruction Techniques including Coaching & Motivation, as part of the Tri-Service Instructors Course. It was during this period that he really honed his Coaching skills.

Stuart is also qualified to deliver the following Course: - First Aid Training (including Pediatric), Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Defibrillation, Health and Safety Awareness, Manual Handling and Fire Safety Awareness.

Outside of work Stuart is a successful Swimming Teacher/Coach who has coached a number of swimmers to National Level and one of his swimmers is currently a NATO Champion.

Stuart is currently delivering Leadership and Management Training to Superintendents and Supervisors at the Sohar Aluminium Company in Oman, as well as First Aid Training to the Oman Methanol Company in Sohar.

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