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PJ Stevens

PJ Stevens


Why are you passionate about excellence?

Excellence is as much a way of thinking as it is about behaving. It's about people. Leadership is too important to be left in the hands of the few, it is about everybody on a daily basis.

Why are you passionate about people development?

Business - people - environment. We are the link between business and the environment, we are responsible for sustainable business growth that can support and /or invest in the environment that sustains us, the planet and people. So people are key. We must invest in people, so they can invest in the business, the environment and the community. It's people who make decisions, actions and have impact… And this impact must be more responsible, compassionate and with a leadership view of the future.

People - us, we, me, you…can be amazing, brilliant, wonderful incredible. Let's engage this wonderfulness and help create a better place to work, and a better place to live...

Which three words sum up leadership for you?

Compassion - Sustainability - Responsibility

Who is your Leadership inspiration and why?

Nick Vujicic….. No arms no legs….. No problem.

Specialising in soft skill training, facilitation and team building PJ has been described as refreshing, direct and very enthusiastic. He has worked with national and international clients including Dior, 02Cellnet, the DTI, Prudential, UBS, International Labour Organisation, Sony, Lotus and the European Central Bank and has been on SKY, BBC and C4 TV Programmes.

According to clients, he has a very keen sense of marrying up and developing the way people behave to how they perform in business and leverages small changes in behaviour that make big differences to performance.

He is highly motivated and considers it his role to help clients improve and develop the 3Ps – People, Performance and Productivity. Your team success in working with PJ can be evidenced by decreases in stress levels, misunderstandings, costly personality clashes, unwarranted conflict, sick days and wasted time and increases in trust, engagement, ownership, confidence, communication, leadership and feedback. He is MBTI, SDI and Belbin accredited.

Alongside his corporate work, PJ also works with professional sports people – including sailors, polo players, footballers and golfers - helping them with motivation, focus, beliefs, thought processes, outstanding behaviour and goal achievement. Their trophies are testament to PJ's successful services.

With a passion for speed and some world record power boat experience, he is currently working on a 200mph Power Boat World Record Project.

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