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Julia Carden

Julia Carden


Why are you passionate about excellence?

One of my core values is competence and I strive for excellence in order to support this value. As our values drive our behaviours this is something I care deeply about. Excellence is something to strive for and it suggests that there is always opportunity for more. I am keen to understand what is “excellence; what it looks and feels like” from my client’s perspective? My perspective is only one…

Why are you passionate about people development?

There is always so much more to learn and without development there is no hope. Development leads to change and transformation and is an ongoing process; it can help us identify new and different perspectives. For me I resonate with Gandhi’s sentiment: “Live as if you are going to die tomorrow; but learn as if you are going to live forever.”

Which three words sum up leadership for you?

Authenticity - Change - Challenge

Who is your Leadership inspiration and why?

Winston Churchill, because he instilled self-belief in the nation when it was facing adversity, as Digby Jones says, “anyone who instills self-belief in others are leaders”.

Maggie Thatcher for her authenticity and standing by her values and beliefs.

My husband, for the way he cared about and defended his team when he was Captain HMS IRON DUKE

Julia’s approach to coaching is challenging and caring; she is aware that challenge might create discomfort and unease; however, with support and care this can lead to deeper insight and learning. Her core values of authenticity and competence underpin all her work. She prides herself on the ability to build strong rapport and empathy with clients and will only undertake a coaching assignment if both parties are content and comfortable with the relationship. Julia draws on a wide range of psychological dimensions in her coaching work; however, she is now starting to develop greater focus in the gestalt and mindfulness approaches. Julia is passionate about her continuing professional development and regularly takes part in coaching supervision, and is aiming to undertake the Nancy Kline “Time to Think” training in 2014.


  • Julia Carden Chartered FCIPD
  • Post-graduate Certificate in Coaching (2011 from Henley Business School) – in final year of MSc in Coaching and
  • Behavioural Change
  • NLP Master Practitioner (2011); NLP Practitioner (2009)
  • NVQ V1 (2010)
  • NVQ A1 (2009)
  • BPS Level A and Level B (2005)
  • Graduate Membership of CIPD (2005)
  • City and Guilds 7307 – Further Education and Adult Education Teacher’s Certificate (2002)
  • BSc (Hons) University of Bath (1989)

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