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Colin Litherland

Colin Litherland


Why are you passionate about excellence?

Excellence is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and accepting the inevitability of trials and tribulations whilst learning to be the best person that you can be in the moment.

Why are you passionate about people development?

At times people are often so focused on what they are doing that they lose sight of where they want to be and what they have achieved. Coaching and development takes the Impossible and changes it to I’m possible.

Which three words sum up leadership for you?

Inspiration, Integrity, Trust.

Who is your Leadership inspiration and why?

An ex-manager, she had it all, vision, integrity, humility, drive plus a plethora of other exceptional qualities that makes a good leader great. But these didn’t make her the leader that she was; for me, she had an innate ability to relate to people in such a way as to inspire them to give their best effort – for themselves, the task, the organisation, their family and beyond.

Colin had a successful and rewarding career serving 24 years in the Royal Air Force. A respected Logistician, who served in various roles including Phase 1 and 2 training, Quality Assurance, Fuels and Lubricants, Lean, Aircraft Support, Supply Chain Management and Change Management.

Finally seeing employment at Royal Air Force College Cranwell where he was responsible delivering leadership training, coaching, mentoring and personal development to UK and international military officer cadets enabling them to meet the demanding needs associated with taking the first steps into modern military leadership.

An ILM qualified Coach and Mentor, Instructor and NLP Practitioner, Colin has gained a wealth of experience as a leadership and team building trainer and facilitator. Personal development ensured he completed numerous courses focusing on softer skills such as Mediation Management, Human Factors and Equality and Diversity.

On leaving the RAF he worked for a National Training Provider, as one of two Observation and Training Managers. Responsible for the mentoring and development of delivery staff, working with OFSTED Inspectors to help them to improve their practice and develop their delivery skills.

Colin is currently delivering Leadership and Management Training to Superintendents and Supervisors at the Sohar Aluminium Company in Oman. Away from work Colin recently established a Field Archery Club.

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