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Corporate Team Building Case Study:

Team Building and Networking: Developing non-technical, 'soft skills'

A large UK-based pharmaceuticals company had experienced a period of growth and expansion. The senior management team’s vision was to re-create an ethos of shared ideas and joint working, with a wider team response to opportunities and solutions and stakeholder responsibility across the company.


The aim was to use team building and training opportunities to create conduits across and between departments to forge a cross-company network. CTP delivered a bespoke day’s training for almost 100 staff at an internal conference held in Italy. A key focus of the day was creating the environment, mechanisms and opportunity for inter-team networking. This was combined with a continuing professional development angle, which encouraged staff to request coaching to aid them in problem solving for specific work issues or concerns within their own roles, departments or the wider company.

Action Taken

Focussing on ultimate team performance within high threat bomb disposal and search operations, CTP’s striking, opening presentation, based on the company’s own training delivery for the British military in Afghanistan, set the scene for the day, immediately engaging with its audience. Throughout the day, scenarios and simulations were based on the presentation. Operating in break-out groups, staff moved between various skills-development stands to receive briefings, performance coaching and undertake action learning exercises that moved the company towards the One Team vision.


Analysis of the training proved its effectiveness. In the two week period following, over 80 networking coffee or lunch meetings had already taken place between staff, based on individuals linking up with others from the wider team, with whom they had previously only had a brief or tenuous contact. The senior management team welcomed this new face-to-face interaction between staff which helped dissolve barriers and was a keen step towards building a One Team ethos.

Client feedback...

Excellent individual feedback from the training also indicated that invisible barriers between team members had been broken down and replaced by positive relationships between staff at all levels.

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