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Reducing the Risks for Troops in the Middle East

Reducing the Risks for Troops in the Middle East

CTP supports the British Army High Threat Bomb Disposal and Search units

The British Army has again invited CTP to the Middle East to provide training in support of its high threat bomb disposal and search experts and associated units. Ex-army Captain Alex Janaway is currently deployed in the desert delivering CTP’s training on the theory of Human Factors; that is non technical skills based on human interactions, the role and the situation. Over two weeks Alex is working with over 150 personnel prior to their deployment on operations in the near future. In delivering human factors awareness training to this cadre of highly specialised Army personnel, CTP is unique the world over.

This is an ongoing professional relationship between CTP and the British Army, that began more than 3 years ago.

To read more about this work, see the article Humans as Heroes and Hazards

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