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CTP Present at the IADC Human Factors Conference, Houston TX. Oct 2015

Critical Team Performance’s MD Phil Smith and Associate Gareth Lock MSc delivered one of the opening keynote presentations at the inaugural IADC Human Factors Conference held in Galveston, TX.  The presentation was very well received with many references being made throughout the two days to themes and concepts highlighted by Phil and Gareth.

The paper behind the presentation will be available shortly but the abstract is below. 

The Challenges Faced and the Successes Achieved in Delivering Well Operations Crew Resource Management in a Multi-Cultural Offshore Environment

Since the disastrous events of the 70’s and 80’s, the international aviation community have worked together to develop, deploy and mandate crew resource management (CRM) training for aircrews, groundcrew and ATC. Unfortunately, it took a number of major incidents in the Oil and Gas sector to raise the visibility of CRM training despite numerous papers being written to this effect. Furthermore, until the OGP/IOGP commissioned two policy and operational documents – Doc 501 (Syllabus for CRM for Well Operations Teams) and Doc 502 (Guidelines for Implementing Well Operations CRM training), there was no clear direction on what Well Operations CRM (WOCRM) was and how it should be deployed.

In late 2014, Critical Team Performance started a training intervention of sixteen 10-day training & coaching WOCRM sessions, specifically focusing on supervisors using IOGP Doc 502 as the basis for course content. These sessions took place over an 8-month period with 1 Operator, 4 drilling rigs, 3 drilling companies and 16 shifts from a multitude of nationalities, cultures and experience. Most research examining WOCRM has been carried out in single cultural environments e.g. the North Sea where there are few barriers to communication and learning. This paper will highlight the challenges faced and successes won when delivering training to more than 20 nationalities, with roles from rig superintendent, through DSV and OIM, to the ACOs and ADs, and where English was not the first language for most participants. 

A short video outlining the absolute need to undertake coaching in this early stage of deploying WOCRM will be available shortly from the Drilling Contractor website

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