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CTP returns from Desert after successful Exercise with British Army

CTP returns from Desert after successful Exercise with British Army

CTP deployed to the Desert in the Middle East for 2 weeks during December 10 to deliver training packages to highly technically competent teams to increase their awareness of Human Error and cognition traps. 

CTP was completely embedded within the 750 man Army camp remotely situated in the middle of the Desert. Conditions were very much 'field living' and there was a real atmosphere of everyone being there to do a job and benefit from the excellent training environment.

Colonel Jonathan Welch MBE, Commander 29 EOD and Search Group and leader of the Exercise had this to say about the contribution that CTP made to the


Phil delivered Human Factors (HF) training to a large cohort of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Search officers and SNCOs, the majority of whom are destined for operations in the near future. A thoroughly professional approach combined with a relaxed, innovative and witty demeanour enabled him to win over even the most sceptical; the value of his training in the safety critical sphere of EOD & Search soon became apparent to all ranks. There is no doubt that Phil’s own experience, knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm is inspirational and contributed to the success of the classroom course. Equally important though was his HF input into scenario-based exercises in the field and his analysis for use in after action reviews. In summary, it was extremely valuable training delivered in a highly effective manner.

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